Oticon Hearing Aids

Interested in an Oticon hearing device? Hearing Associates in Mason City will help you chose the right hearing aid to fit your needs.

With Oticon you can choose the hearing aid color, style and technology that makes you stand out against the crowd. They automatically adapt to your listening environment, and they're designed with customizable sound features to ensure you communicate freely and interact naturally. 


Oticon OPN






Now, the Oticon Opn portfolio expands with more styles and new features in three performance levels to cover hearing losses from mild to severe-to-profound. The award-winning Oticon Opn captured two CES 2017 awards; 'Tech for a Better World' and 'Wearable Technologies'

Opn – Rediscover the Sounds of Your Life
The first-ever hearing aid to connect to the Internet, the Opn uses BrainHearing technology to make listening easier on the brain. Wearers report 30% improved speech understanding, 20% reduced listening effort and 20% better recall of conversations.

Distinct features include:

  • The Velox platform uses extremely fast and precise technology to analyze sounds in differing soundscapes. With faster sound processing and a 64 frequency channel resolution, this tiny chip is a technological powerhouse.
  • TwinLink™ wireless technology ensures a natural listening experience.
  • The OpenSound Navigator™ reacts to sound 100+ times per second to remove noise between words. The Opn connects directly to the Internet through the If This Then That (IFTTT) service. With it, you can control everyday devices, like thermostats and doorbells, right from your hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport relieves sounds for tinnitus and provides relief that may help decrease the annoyance of tinnitus. The relief sounds can be customized to each unique need and preference. The integrated sound generator is available in all Oticon Opn styles and performance levels.
  • Feedback shield LX offers fast and effective feedback management. It instantly suppresses feedback to protect the listener from unwanted whistling and squealing, without compromising audibility or sound quality.
  • Speech Rescue™ LX provides access to inaudible high-frequency sounds. Speech Rescue LX may improve speech intelligibility when severe-to-profound hearing loss is present in the high frequencies.

Explore more possibilities with the Oticon ON app for your iPhone.

miniRITE-T - Sleek and Discreet
The miniRite-T features a telecoil and double push button for easy volume and program control. The fully featured solution includes Tinnitus SoundSupport, Speech Rescue LX, DSL, and TwinLink for 2.4 GHz wireless technology and Made for iPhone® functionality.

Oticon Opn™ is Now Rechargeable
Opn’s miniRITE is also rechargeable. Its hybrid battery design allows you to use either a rechargeable or a standard battery.

Dynamo - Slim and Powerful
With Dynamo your brain has access to the full spectrum of sounds and lets you capture more speech details.  Dynamo is as reliable and powerful. 

Alta2 and Alta2 Pro Ti - Ultimate Performance
The Alta2 hearing aid features Oticon’s new BrainHearing™ technology. This feature allows the user to experience optimized sound with less fatigue. With several different styles and colors, Alta can fit any lifestyle.

Nera2 and Nera2 Pro Ti -Reliably Exceptional
The most advanced mid-level hearing device, Nera2 blends the natural way your brain and ears work together into one cohesive device with BrainHearing™ technology. It works smarter so you don’t need to.

Ria2 and Ria Pro Ti - Redefining Hearing
Combining enhanced performance and outstanding quality, Ria2 delivers all you need at an affordable price. You’ll be able to understand conversations and everyday sounds more clearly than ever before.



The following Legacy Products are also available:
• Alta
• Nera
• Ria
• Agil
• Acto

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