Doing some short-term work in Mason City, IA and I damaged one of my Phonak hearing aids. After a simple search, I found Hearing Associates and I could not have lucked out more! Alex and the ladies at the Mason City office treated me like I was their best customer. Alex got right on the phone with Phonak and had the repair parts ordered while I waited and 48 hours later he called me to tell me he had the parts. I rushed from my job, got to Hearing Associates a few minutes past 5 PM and not only did they wait for me - THEY MADE THE REPAIR IMMEDIATELY WITH ABSOLUTE ZERO DOWNTIME FOR ME. I am amazed at the level of service provided by Hearing Associates and hope next time I "break down" it is near one of their offices. 555 STAR SERVICE - THANK YOU! Holy Cow! I forgot to mention -- NO CHARGE!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

— Mike Ruggerio

My name is Gary Gjerstad, I’m a resident of the Summit house in Britt, Iowa.  I first want to thank Alex for suggesting that I come to Hearing Associates.  When I first came to know about Hearing Associates I was wearing a device and it had a headphone that were kind of cumbersome, the kind of head phones you might wear if you plugged them into a boom box.

The cord was hard because it would get tangled up and different things like that.  Alex thought that there was something better that they could do for me and at that time that he made the suggestion.  I was dealing with some other health issues that I felt like I wanted to take care of first having done that I wanted to give Hearing Associates a try because I had heard good things about it and members of my family had dealt with Hearing Associates.

We were able to get some molds made and get the hearing aids and I wondered after that why I waited so long to come here because as far as being able to hear everything and it’s just wonderful.

I think the thing I like most about Hearing Associates it’s not just Christine or Alex but it’s everyone connected, they are so compassionate, there is such a caring for the people that they serve.

There is a real desire and intent to be of help to their patients or their clients and for that reason, if anyone had hearing difficulty they should give Hearing Associates a try.  I am so glad that I did because it had made such a difference because being able to be a part of the conversation and being able to contribute, not only to my community but to others that I come in contact with.

Alex and I are members of the River City Barbershop Chorus and it has been so much more enjoyable with him in practices being able to rehearse and being able to hear what our director Jayson Ryner has been able to do for the chorus.

You don’t realize how well you have it until you’ve been without and I know this from not having sight.  I feel blessed in so many ways, so this is why I’m here to say thank you to Hearing Associates for the wonderful work that they do and for the people just being who they are and I hope that they continue to do the awesome job that they are.


-Gary Gjerstad

I certainly appreciate the compassion and expertise offered by Christine, the fitting Audiologist. It was really fun to see what new innovations are out there in the world of hearing amplification. I certainly appreciate your time and patience explaining different options of new hearing aid advancements. 

I also appreciate the ReSound Company and their innovations in pairing my hearing aids with Bluetooth technology so that I can connect with my phone, stethoscope, and other devices wirelessly. I certainly think these advancements will make my life easier and I appreciate your help in these innovations. 

In a nutshell, it was a very positive ecperience with both the clinic, Christine, and the new technology that ReSound has offered and I certainly look forward to further contact with both of you. 

-D.Crippin M.D.

Dear Professionals at Hearing Associates, P.C.,

I am writing to commend and compliment your staff for their extraordinary and professional service, and sing the praises of ReSound hearing aids. I came to your clinic looking for help to hear and understand speaking voices, especially women's. I am a vocalist and voice teacher so I also needed hearing aids that work well in music environments. Dr. Christine Heintskoll met with me and did a very thorough hearing test. I had been told in the past that I had unusual hearing loss, particularly my left ear, which Christine confirmed. She spent time with me, determining my individual needs, then researched the best hearing aids for my unique situation. She chose ReSound LiNX2.

I have had my ReSound LiNX2 for over a month now and have been very happy with Christine's professional selection. I'm understanding conversations so much better! The music setting has been particularly helpful. I was able to confidently sing as the alto soloist for a community Messiah concert with 100 singers and an orchestra. I have also sung in church services as a soloist, in a small group, a small choir, and as part of our praise team that includes amplified singers and instrumentalists. The music setting was able to adapt and aid me in each of these very different musical environments.

Christine and I are still tweaking the settings for my individual needs, which shows me that Christine has my best interests at heart. She definitely goes the extra mile in a caring and friendly, but also knowledgeable and professional way. 

Thank you, Dr. Christine Heintskill, ReSound, and the Hearing Professionals staff for making such a difference in my personal and professional life! Sincerely,


Thank you for fixing my hearing aids Wednesday 26th. The turn signals in the car are louder (Thank You). The birds in our backyard are louder (Thank You). The cicadas were singing last night (Thank You). The coffee pot perks louder (Thank You). My shoes make noise on [the] kitchen floor (Thank You). Jane talks louder (Thank You).

Looking forward to Sunday church in hopes to hear the sermon. -J. McMullen

 From our very first visit when my daughter was just five years old, the audiologists and staff have been very caring, compassionate, and available when needed.  Being told our daughter had a significant hearing loss was devastating to us as parents.  Our audiologist was very reassuring.  She made us realize that our daughter could still accomplish anything she wants to in her life, she is not limited.  She currently participates in band, chorus, and athletics.  I would recommend Hearing Associates to anyone.  The staff is very attentive, caring, and professional.  –D. Campbell