My experience with Hearing Associates has been great.  They have been accommodating, knowledgeable about my needs, and the hearing aids they provided me were great.  I would certainly recommend Hearing Associates to anyone with hearing needs!  –L. Kinseth

I’ve been a lifelong patient at Hearing Associates.  They provide excellent service and are very dependable.  I would recommend them to all of my friends without a doubt.

–D. Wilson

My family kept complaining about my ability to hear.  I finally made an appointment at Hearing Associates to have my hearing checked, which confirmed that I did, in fact, need hearing aids.  My audiologist was understanding, compassionate, and patient in working with me through the process.  It’s amazing what a difference my hearing aids have made.  Everybody who works at Hearing Associates is friendly and appointments are easy to schedule and convenient for my schedule.  I would highly recommend Hearing Associates to anyone in need of aids. – J.

I feel Hearing Associates has been a wonderful experience.  I can now hear sounds I have not heard in years.  The birds chirp, TV is not so loud, wind sounds.  The staff is very helpful and makes you feel that they are listening to what you say.  I would recommend them to everyone. - C.A. Barr

They are very thorough.  They take care of my concerns, and take the time to do what needs to be done. - N. Paullus

I have received excellent care from audiologists that really care about how I fell and my overall wellbeing.  They have helped me become comfortable wearing my hearing aids and talked me through the problems I was having.  I hate to keep saying everything is “really good”, but my overall experience has really been wonderful. –G. Vogt