My name is Gary Gjerstad, I’m a resident of the Summit house in Britt, Iowa.  I first want to thank Alex for suggesting that I come to Hearing Associates.  When I first came to know about Hearing Associates I was wearing a device and it had a headphone that were kind of cumbersome, the kind of head phones you might wear if you plugged them into a boom box.

The cord was hard because it would get tangled up and different things like that.  Alex thought that there was something better that they could do for me and at that time that he made the suggestion.  I was dealing with some other health issues that I felt like I wanted to take care of first having done that I wanted to give Hearing Associates a try because I had heard good things about it and members of my family had dealt with Hearing Associates.

We were able to get some molds made and get the hearing aids and I wondered after that why I waited so long to come here because as far as being able to hear everything and it’s just wonderful.

I think the thing I like most about Hearing Associates it’s not just Christine or Alex but it’s everyone connected, they are so compassionate, there is such a caring for the people that they serve.

There is a real desire and intent to be of help to their patients or their clients and for that reason, if anyone had hearing difficulty they should give Hearing Associates a try.  I am so glad that I did because it had made such a difference because being able to be a part of the conversation and being able to contribute, not only to my community but to others that I come in contact with.

Alex and I are members of the River City Barbershop Chorus and it has been so much more enjoyable with him in practices being able to rehearse and being able to hear what our director Jayson Ryner has been able to do for the chorus.

You don’t realize how well you have it until you’ve been without and I know this from not having sight.  I feel blessed in so many ways, so this is why I’m here to say thank you to Hearing Associates for the wonderful work that they do and for the people just being who they are and I hope that they continue to do the awesome job that they are.


-Gary Gjerstad