Doing some short-term work in Mason City, IA and I damaged one of my Phonak hearing aids. After a simple search, I found Hearing Associates and I could not have lucked out more! Alex and the ladies at the Mason City office treated me like I was their best customer. Alex got right on the phone with Phonak and had the repair parts ordered while I waited and 48 hours later he called me to tell me he had the parts. I rushed from my job, got to Hearing Associates a few minutes past 5 PM and not only did they wait for me - THEY MADE THE REPAIR IMMEDIATELY WITH ABSOLUTE ZERO DOWNTIME FOR ME. I am amazed at the level of service provided by Hearing Associates and hope next time I "break down" it is near one of their offices. 555 STAR SERVICE - THANK YOU! Holy Cow! I forgot to mention -- NO CHARGE!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

— Mike Ruggerio