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Making the choice to explore the possibility of hearing aids is a huge step in your journey to better hearing health.

Your quality of life can improve drastically when you’re able to take part in these conversations. With the right hearing aid, you no longer have to miss out on many of life’s special moments. Unless you’ve experienced the benefits of hearing aids, it’s difficult to appreciate the many ways having them can improve your listening experiences. Being able to engage more fully in conversations – at work and at home – reduces the stress experienced by both the person with hearing loss and those around them.

Knowing Where To Start

Now that you’ve decided to take action, it’s time to begin the process by scheduling a visit to an audiologist such as Hearing Associates, P.C. At your appointment, we’ll perform a variety of hearing tests. These will tell us the type and severity of your hearing loss, and will help us design the treatment plan that’s right for you.

Types of Hearing Aids

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There are an abundance of hearing aid options out there, and trying to determine which one best suits your lifestyle, budget and type of hearing loss can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to decide by yourself – selecting the right hearing aids for people is what we do.

Getting the proper hearing aid is not only determining your level of hearing loss – a large part of the equation is understanding your lifestyle. Are you active in professional and social activities? Are you often in challenging or frequently changing listening environments? What are your favorite activities? You don’t have to decide by yourself – selecting the right hearing aids for people is what we do.

Understanding your lifestyle can go a long way in helping us determine which hearing aid will most effectively meet your needs. We figure out which level of hearing aid best suits you:

Premium level: Designed for those with varying degrees of hearing loss who need help listening in a variety of professional and social environments. Ideal for those who need improved listening experiences in classrooms, auditoriums, and restaurants.

Advanced level: For individuals who may lead a busy social life, including family gatherings, looking after children or attending sporting events.

Standard level: Designed for people with noticeable hearing loss who do not often switch between different sound environments.

Essential level: Ideal for someone on a budget whose lifestyle is relatively quiet and doesn’t need sophisticated technology and options with their hearing aids.

Buying In Person Vs. Online

When you buy online, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a device that won’t help you hear the way you want because it isn’t designed for your needs.

Buying hearing aids from an audiologist such as Hearing Associates provides you with the follow-up care you may require. If you order from a website and your hearing aid needs replacement or repairs, what would you do? Would you track down an address and ship your devices away? How long will you be without them? How are you supposed to hear while you wait?

At Hearing Associates, P.C., if you need cleaning or repairs, you can always bring your hearing aids to us. And most repairs can be done on-site, while you wait. We’ve even put aside special daily walk-in hours for these services (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and offer cleaning and replacement of certain parts at no charge.

If you’re in need of hearing aids, visit Hearing Associates, P.C. in Mason City, Iowa, or one of our other locations throughout northern Iowa or Albert Lea, Minnesota.