Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to take a positive step toward better hearing, and you’re ready for hearing aids.

Now what?

Don’t worry. You’ve already done the hard part - deciding to get a hearing aid. Hearing Associates, P.C. makes buying a hearing aid easy. We’ll answer any questions you may have, including:

Which steps should I take?

You should start with a visit to an audiologist, like Hearing Associates, P.C. When you come to us, we’ll perform a variety of hearing tests. These will tell us the type and severity of your hearing loss, and will help us design the treatment plan that’s right for you.

How do I know which hearing aid is right for me?

There are thousands of different hearing aids on the market. Can you imagine looking at all of them and trying to select the one that’s perfect for your lifestyle, budget, and exact type of hearing loss?

Luckily, you don’t have to. We can determine your type and severity of hearing loss and recommend the hearing aid that will meet your needs.

Why should I see an audiologist? Can’t I just buy my hearing aids online?

You already know that you shouldn’t select your hearing aid entirely on your own. And when you buy online, you do just that. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a device that won’t help you hear the way you want to because it isn’t designed for your needs.

And here’s something else you won’t get online: follow-up care. If you order from a website and your hearing aid needs replacement or repairs, what would you do? Would you track down an address and ship your devices away? How long will you be without them? How are you supposed to hear while you wait?

At Hearing Associates, P.C., you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you need cleaning or repairs, you know you can always bring your hearing aids to us. And most repairs can be done on-site, while you wait. We’ve even put aside special daily walk-in hours for these services (11am –1pm) and offer cleaning and replacement of certain parts at no charge.

If you’re in need of hearing aids, visit Hearing Associates, P.C. in Mason City, Iowa, or one of our other locations throughout northern Iowa or Albert Lea, Minnesota.