Hearing aid technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Digital hearing aid technology offers more variety, in style, size and capabilities. Each type of hearing aid has its own advantages and limitations. At Hearing Associates, we carry a variety of hearing aids, from simple to advanced, to accommodate all of our patients in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Mason City, and the surrounding communities in northern Iowa.

We understand that selecting the right hearing aid can be overwhelming. Our experienced audiologists will help you choose the best device for you, based on the results of your hearing tests as well as the shape of your ear, your lifestyle and your unique listening challenges. We carry instruments from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry: 


  • Oticon – From the OPN, the newest, most powerful device from Oticon to the affordable high-performance of the Ria2, Oticon offers a wide range of hearing aids, with a variety of flexible fitting and style options, enabling us to meet your every need.
  • Phonak– The new B Series of hearing aids from Phonak feature discreet, modern design and cover a broad range of hearing levels, providing great sound support – even in the most challenging listening situations. The Nadia product family is basic and available in behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal models, and will suit those with severe to profound hearing loss.
  • Lyric – The new Lyric hearing aids feature extended wear technology that is virtually invisible. Our trained audiologists will place the devices inside your ears, where they can remain for up to 120 days, at which time they are removed and replaced with new devices. Designed for those with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, Lyric devices offer premium, natural sound quality. Candidacy for these hearing aids is based on hearing loss, size and shape ofear as well as lifestyle and hearing needs.
Widex logo
  • Widex – Offering behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, Widex brings wearers 60 years of hearing innovation. Hear more of the important sound details around you, and easily decipher conversations and softer sounds.
Gn ReSound Logo
  • ReSound – With a deep understanding of hearing aid wearers and audiology, ReSound boasts innovative hearing solutions. Their discreet and powerful hearing aids, like LINK and ENZO, make hearing effortless. ReSound has numerous wireless accessories and other hearing devices that enable wearers to better connect and interact, even in challenging listening situations.
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  • Unitron – The company has a unique philosophy: they never lose sight of the human side of hearing loss. As a global business with a local feel, Unitron has paired with leading audiologists to develop state-of-the-art hearing aids. Which style is best for you? Choose from behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and wireless accessories.
  • Starkey – Find the right hearing aid for you with Starkey. Their nearly invisible hearing devices guarantee discretion and comfort. Connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch via the TruLink Hearing Control app.
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  • Siemens – Enjoy better hearing with a unique hearing aid solution from Siemens. The new Siemens hearing aid brand offers innovative Bluetooth and wireless accessories. Plus provides lines for children and teens, too.
  • BAHA (Cochlear & Sophono) – Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHAs) are surgically implanted. These devices use your natural ability to create sound to detour around the damaged outer and middle ear, and then send clear and crisp sounds directly to your inner ear through the skull (or bone conduction). Cochlear hearing implants have helped over 450,000 people hear through innovative technology that fits your lifestyle. Sophono provides leading bone conduction hearing devices with the smallest implant and processor.

At Hearing Associates, we offer hearing solutions to fit your needs, from hearing evaluations, to balance testing, to hearing aid prescription, fittings and maintenance to ongoing consultation, we’re with you, every step of the way.

Schedule an appointment at our main office in Mason City, or our other locations in northern Iowa or Albert Lea, Minnesota.