Hearing aids may not be right for everyone. For those with situational hearing difficulties – when watching television or during telephone conversations, for example - we offer additional products to meet your unique hearing needs.

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Bluetooth capability - Certain cell phones and other devices can be amplified via Bluetooth technology
  • Amplified phones - These are for people who have trouble hearing telephone conversations. Amplified telephones offer clear sound, so you don’t have to strain to hear what’s going on. Financial assistance is available for qualifying individuals through the Access Iowa program.
  • FM systems - Technology that helps reduce background noise, so that you can focus on the sounds you actually want to hear and not environmental noise.

Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Batteries - We have cards, which contain 8 batteries, for $10 each. We also have 5 cards for $45, offering a 10% savings!
  • Filters - Guard against ear wax build-up with filters, which will keep your hearing aids working effectively.
  • Dryer boxes - Remove moisture and extend the lifespan of your hearing aids with dryer boxes.
  • Eargene - Lotion for relieving itchy, irritated ears.
  • Otoclips - Clothing clips to help prevent loss of BTE hearing aids
  • Super Dry Aid Packs - Protect hearing aids from moisture.

Custom Hearing Protection

  • Swim molds
  • Musician’s ear plugs

For comprehensive audiology services, including balance testing, as well state-of-the-art hearing aids and other technology, visit us at our main office in Mason City, outreach clinics throughout northern Iowa or in Albert Lea, Minnesota.