At Hearing Associates, we know that treating hearing loss requires a comprehensive approach. That’s why we offer a wide range of patient-centered audiology services to residents in Mason City and the surrounding areas in northern Iowa.

Our goal is to improve your hearing and your quality of life through the following audiology services:

  • In-depth diagnostic hearing testing and evaluations – We offer extensive testing to patients ranging from infants to seniors, in order to diagnose and treat your unique hearing loss.
  • Hearing device services, including fitting, maintenance, and repair – We will make sure your new hearing devices are fitted and programmed to your specific needs. In order to keep your devices working at their best, we will teach you how to care for them. We also suggest you bring them into one of our offices for regular cleaning, and if needed, we also offer hearing aid repair.
  • Hearing aid product variety – After we evaluate your hearing and identify your concerns and needs, concerns we will discuss your options and recommend the type of hearing devices we believe will be most beneficial for you. We encourage you to ask questions and go over all the different styles, technology, and brands before making your decision. 
  • Additional hearing products and noise protection – In addition to a wide range of hearing aids, we also offer batteries, dryers, and other products to help you properly care for your devices. Ask about assistive listening devices (ALDs) including amplified phones and FM Systems, as well as custom hearing protection products, such as musicians’ plugs, and swimmers' plugs. We also offer custom hearing protection.
  • Earwax removal –To remove earwax, a hearing specialist will use specialized instruments, a microscope, and suction. Special care needs to be taken if you have narrow ear canals, diabetes or a weak immune system.
  • Balance testing – We provide diagnostic testing procedures to help identify and treat balance problems and dizziness.
  • Aural rehabilitation – These informational classes are designed to provide our patients and their families with the tools for preventing and managing hearing loss. Aural rehabilitation involves different therapies designed to help you live well with hearing issues. We’ll help you make the best use of your hearing devices, explore assistive listening devices, and take charge of your communication strategies.
  • Ongoing consultation – There is often a transition period after getting new hearing devices as your ears and your brain adjusts to hearing the sounds you’ve been missing. We encourage you to ask questions so that we can assist you during this time. You can also come to us for accurate and reliable information about audiology, hearing loss, hearing devices, as well as hearing and balance testing. Stay up-to-date on the latest news at Hearing Associates and check out our blog and videos for educational information to improve your hearing health. Stay connected to us via our newsletter, Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn,  and Youtube channel.

We’ve proudly been providing friendly, professional hearing health care to patients in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota since 1987. Our main office is still in Mason City, but we have expanded, adding Audiology outreach clinics Albert Lea, Britt, Hampton, Cresco, Iowa Falls, New Hampton and Osage.

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You can expect courteous service, thorough follow-up care, and a lasting commitment to your satisfaction at all of our locations.

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