Understanding the degree, or severity, of your hearing loss is vital in determining which treatment options will work for you.

At Hearing Associates, with offices in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Mason City, and throughout northern Iowa, we offer a comprehensive approach to finding a hearing solution to meet your unique needs.

We begin with an interview to learn about your hearing loss and other aspects of your health history. We follow by performing extensive diagnostic testing, including audiometry, which measures the degree of your hearing loss.

For this test, you enter a sound-proof booth, and we test your hearing threshold, the level of sound that is just barely audible in each ear. The volume of sound is measured in decibels (dB), and the frequency (or pitch) is measured in hertz (HZ). These numbers are placed on an audiogram and represent your degree of hearing loss. Results may vary by ear.

Determining Your Degree of Hearing Loss

Degrees of hearing loss range from mild to profound.

  • Mild hearing loss causes difficulty in hearing people speaking in soft tones, over background noise, or from a distance.
  • Moderate hearing loss makes conversations challenging, even without background noise.
  • Those with moderately severe hearing loss have difficulty taking part in group discussions.
  • With severe hearing loss, normal conversation is no longer possible in any environment.
  • Even with amplification, those with profound hearing loss may not be able to understand speech.

We offer solutions based on your degree of hearing loss, including recommendations for hearing aids, as some are better suited for a particular degree of hearing loss.

For personalized hearing health care in Mason City, Iowa, and Albert Lea, Minnesota, schedule an appointment with Hearing Associates, PC.