The hearing aid industry has advanced significantly throughout the past few decades, and continues to evolve with digital hearing aids.

At Hearing Associates, we offer patients in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Mason City, Iowa and the surrounding communities with a variety of hearing solutions, including the most up-to-date digital hearing aid technology.

Digital hearing aids are far superior to the yesterday’s analog devices. The large, awkward models, with high-pitched feedback your grandparents used to wear have been replaced with sleek, quiet, discreet digital hearing aids with amazing features and capabilities.

Some of the biggest differences between digital hearing aids and their outdated counterparts include:

Speech Enhancement: digital hearing aids help you hear more of what you want to hear, by recognizing and enhancing speech while reducing background noise.

Feedback Reduction: One of the biggest complaints from hearing aid users was the erratic squeals from analog processing. Because digital hearing aids process sound differently, they may seem “quieter.”

Directional Microphones: Some digital hearing aids are equipped with 2 microphones offering the ability to focus (or direct) one microphone towards the desired sound source while the other decreases some of the background noise.

When you schedule your appointment at Hearing Associates, our audiologists will conduct extensive testing to find the right hearing solution for you. We carry digital hearing aids from the best manufacturers in the industry, and will help you find the right device to meet your individual needs.

For comprehensive hearing healthcare and advanced digital hearing aid technology in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Mason City, and throughout northern Iowa, count on the professionals at Hearing Associates, PC!