Hearing Associates has information to help patients relieve the pressure of paying for their hearing aids.  We are a contracted provider with many insurance companies; you can view and download the list here.

WF Health Advantage

We also have teamed up with Wells Fargo, who provides a healthcare credit card.  This card can be used to help you finance your medical treatment and procedures. 

This is similar to a line of credit on a normal credit card but is exclusively for healthcare expenses.

After filling out an application and providing some information about your healthcare expense, you will receive quick credit decision. There are several financing options, subject to credit approval, to help get your hearing aids today and pay over time.

Applications can be made online or by filling out a paper application available at our office.  You can also text APPLY to 49854 to begin the Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card application.” If approved, your Wells Fargo card allows for convenient monthly payments for you or your family members, and can be used again and again.

Visit Wells Fargo to apply.