Did you know your hearing loss might be causing you to miss more than you realize?
Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and excessive cognitive overload, which may eventually cause dementia.

A recent study at Johns Hopkins University tracked brain changes in 126 people over the course of a decade. Each participant completed a hearing test, and the results revealed 75 people with normal hearing, and 51 people with impaired hearing of at least a 25-decibel loss.

What they learned:

  • Hearing impaired participants at the start of the study had accelerated rates of brain tissue loss when compared to those with normal hearing.
  • Those with impaired hearing lost more than one additional cubic centimeter of brain tissue each year when compared to participants with normal hearing.
  • The impaired hearing group also had significantly more shrinkage in regions of the brain responsible for processing sound and speech.

Early intervention is important for treating hearing loss. By scheduling a hearing exam at one of our audiology offices in northern Iowa, you can take action against dementia and preventable brain tissue loss. Contact us today to find out how.