Hearing loss is caused by long-term or sudden noise exposure or damage to the auditory nerve or auditory hair cells, which results in the impaired ability to hear and understand speech. But hearing loss affects more than just your hearing; it affects your entire well-being.

Hearing loss has been linked to several life-threatening illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. The condition can affect mental health too, often leading to depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s. And, because of the strong link between inner-ear function and balance, hearing loss puts you at risk for falls that result from dizziness and vertigo.

Hearing loss can also be related to the use of certain ototoxic medications.

Hearing loss also distances you from your loved ones, making it difficult to maintain close relationships. The condition can get in the way of your career as well. You may appear incompetent to your peers when the reality is that you’re having difficulty hearing, not understanding.

All things considered, hearing loss puts you at a significant disadvantage. We offer hope and the possibility of a life free from hearing loss. Let the experienced audiologists at Hearing Associates, P.C. help you hear what you’ve been missing.