Wondering how to choose the right hearing aid for your hearing loss?

At Hearing Associates, serving patients in Mason City and the surrounding communities in Northern Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota, we know the process can be overwhelming. With the variety of makes and models of digital hearing aids available online and in large retailers, we want you to have all the information you need to choose the best hearing aids to fit your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs.

The most important factor in choosing the right hearing aid is choosing the right provider.

Many people are tempted to go with the lowest price and choose a hearing aid online, only to discover after purchase the quality of the product is not up to par. You may have saved some cash, but if the hearing aid isn’t effective, you’ve actually just wasted money. Online distributors cannot properly fit, adjust or program your hearing aids for you. They cannot offer hearing evaluations or make recommendations based on your unique hearing loss. Because you’re to test the hearing aids before purchasing online, be sure to research the refund and exchange policies.

Large chain retailers often offer discounted prices but there are drawbacks associated with purchasing hearing aids from big-box stores. The providers at these retailers do not have the amount of education and experience that you’ll find in a private practice. With restrictions on access to all of the major hearing aid manufacturers, you’re options will be limited. If they’re paid on commission, your hearing may not be their focus and they may try to oversell on hearing aids with unnecessary features and accessories. And finally, do you really want to purchase your hearing aids from the same place you’re purchasing toilet paper in bulk and an eighty ounce jar of mayonnaise?

When you seek treatment from an audiologist, like those you’ll find at Hearing Associates, you’ll receive expert advice, comprehensive testing services, and recommendations from someone with education and experience in the field of audiology.

After an interview about your medical and hearing history, we conduct a series of tests. We’ll offer treatment solutions based the results of your tests, your personal listening challenges, your lifestyle and your needs. If we determine that you’re a candidate for hearing aids, we have a wide range of makes and models for you try from the best manufacturers in the industry. As an independent practice, we have no obligations or sales quotas to meet. We’ll assist you in finding the right hearing aid, with the features to improve your quality of life through better hearing.

Now you know how to select the perfect Audiologist for your hearing needs; meet your match in Mason City or Albert Lea, Minnesota at Hearing Associates, and learn more about what an Audiologist is, and why they may be the best fit for you.