Sometimes it can be hard to find accurate and reliable information about audiology, hearing health, hearing loss and hearing aids. That’s why we provided these videos to help you understand more about hearing.

Use the magnetic end to remove and insert batteries. If there is any moisture on the battery surface, it should be wiped off before use. When you change the battery, it will take a few seconds before the battery begins to work.

Your ear canal produces ear wax which may clog up the earpiece. Ear wax is one of the main causes of problems in hearing aids. Most hearing aids come with a filter or other device to stop wax getting into the hearing aids. Use the wax protection system and tools to clean away any accumulated wax each day. Consult your hearing care professional about the specific wax protection system in your hearing aids and how it can be replaced.

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Watch this video for a visual guide on how to turn your hearing aid on and off.