woman wearing hearing aid looking at phoneWhether you use them to adjust your hearing aids or learn language skills, hearing and language apps can improve your communication.

Happy senior couple sitting on couchIt isn’t easy to communicate when you can’t hear what other people are saying. Hearing loss causes you to miss the small, personal moments that build the bedrock of relationships.

Senior man driving carYou rely on your ears while you’re behind the wheel more than you realize. Honking horns, emergency sirens, interior car alerts and turn signals give you a sense of your environment inside and outside your vehicle.

Menieres Disease 300Meniere’s disease is a condition of the inner ear that affects your balance and can cause hearing loss. It typically occurs in one ear, though people have experienced Meniere’s in both ears.

Senior woman cutting vegetables in the kitchenGood nutrition can mitigate the side effects of hearing loss. Eating well is an essential part of a comprehensive approach to treating your hearing loss effectively.