Senior man working on dementia brain puzzleYour brain is like a muscle that needs regular training to stay in shape. Its overall ability to function is affected if your auditory cortex doesn’t function properly, which is why hearing loss can increase your risk for dementia.

seniors socially distant holidayThe sounds of the holidays transport us back to treasured memories of years past. They also help us enjoy the moment as we spend joyous time with our loved ones. And while your holidays may look, and sound, a bit different this year, good hearing aids can still help you bask in the ambiance of the season.

man putting on hearing aidYou may dream of snowflakes and icicles but be wary of Old Man Winter’s frosty effects on your hearing aids. Your devices are very susceptible to moisture, and temperature changes will create condensation that damages your devices.

Man suffering from ear painIf certain sounds make you cover your ears, you may have sound sensitivity caused by tinnitus, misophonia, or hyperacusis. Get the facts on these hearing conditions and how you can treat them.

seniors video chatting during the holidaysDon’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying holiday parties and family gatherings. Prep for parties and set reasonable expectations so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.