The Lion's ClubAfter you’ve upgraded your hearing aids, what do you do with the old ones? Did you know there are organizations that can recycle, refurbish and even refurbish your old hearing aids?

Hearing Associates works with the Iowa Lions Club Hearing Aid Bank, who accepts unused hearing aid devices, refurbishes them, and distributes them to qualified individuals.  If you or someone you know is in need of financial aid for a hearing device, you can apply for assistance.

If you have an old set of hearing aids you would like to donate, bring them into Hearing Associates and we will send them to the Iowa Lions Club on your behalf. We are happy to provide a receipt for the tax-deductible donation of the hearing aids.


Stuart Trembath recently spoke to KIMT 3 News regarding the recent Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Legislation.  He shared some of the benefits, but also some of the concerns with purchasing hearing devises online.  Watch his interview, and contact us 888.760.2032 for your comprehensive hearing test.  

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GN Hearing has launched the ReSound LiNX 3D™, a hearing aid designed for the tech savvy and on-the-go wearer.

The quality of sound with the ReSound LiNX 3D™ will allow background noise to be easily identified so conversations can be heard clear. The ReSound LiNX 3D™ can connect your smartphone with your hearing aid for instant setting changes. This allows you to adjust your hearing aids setting directly from your smartphone if you go from a quiet setting to a noisy environment.

The ReSound LiNX 3D™ also allows you to stay connected to your audiologist. A cloud based function allows you to inform your hearing specialists of any issues that come up. This feature can even be used outside of office hours and remotely.

If you’re interested in learning more about The ReSound LiNX 3D™ and how it can be used in your life, contact Hearing Associates PC at 888-760-2032 and schedule a consultation today.



Hearing loss affects 1 in 250 children between the ages of 3-17. While infant screenings are able to identify any immediate hearing concerns at birth, a number of factors come into play with children as they age. 

Hearing loss can usually be connected to genetic issues, illness, or injury. A significant increase in hearing loss is often identified during the teen years due to the use of earbuds and headphones. 


hearingloopThere is no doubt that hearing aids assist people who are hard of hearing, but their effectiveness in group settings can sometimes be questionable due to background noises. This is why many public places that have a lot of background noise – such as hospitals and subways – have installed hearing loops.

Hearing loops allow people with hearing aids to clearly understand sounds in a speaker system, even in high traffic areas. By using a sound system that links to your hearing aid, hearing loops send sounds directly from the sound system to your hearing aid.

Regardless of your type of hearing loss or hearing aid, hearing loops do not distort sounds and eliminate background noise.