My Happy Haven

We will be donating a portion of all hearing aid sales during the month of July to My Happy Haven, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing beautiful bedroom makeovers for women with cancer.

My Happy Haven gathers volunteers and sponsors to build sanctuaries so that the people they help will have a place to relax and heal from the challenges of their disease. You may have heard of My Happy Place, the sister organization to My Happy Haven, that focuses on makeover projects for children. 

"My Happy Haven is a community based non-profit organization, comprised of volunteers dedicated to making a real difference in the life of a woman facing the fear and struggles of a cancer diagnosis. We do this by providing these women with a bedroom makeover, giving them an environment in which to rest peacefully and heal from the effects of cancer and its’ treatments. We work closely with the woman so we can offer her a bedroom that reflects her personal needs and desires."

Spring HearingTake good care of your hearing.

That’s the message our audiologists want to spread this May during Better Speech and Hearing Month. Speech and Hearing are two of life's greatest gifts. We need them to communicate and enjoy the many sounds the world has to offer.

However, the gift of hearing can be lost if we don't take proper care of our ears.  People lose their hearing all too often because they expose themselves to conditions that are damaging.

Here are some simple ways you can take better care of your hearing without having to change your lifestyle.

Virto BPhonak has just set a new standard for hearing aids by unveiling the industry’s only titanium hearing aid.

The Phonak Virto B-Titanium is made with medical-grade titanium and is custom made for every customer so it fits perfectly and discretely into your ear. Being made of titanium also means they are also among the strongest, lightest and most durable hearing aids on the market.

rechargeable hearing aids siemens echarger in tucson azRechargeable hearing aids have become a high priority among users and providers in recent months. While they have been around for decades, recent technology enhancements have put them in high demand.

It was recently discovered that as many as 70 percent of hearing aid users would prefer rechargeable hearing aids over traditional models that require the batteries to be replaced. This is part of the reason rechargeable hearing aid batteries were such a highlighted item at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Family HearingThe Easter holiday can be a great time for families to get together and visit one another. But for people with hearing loss, spring time get-togethers can be a stressful, even with hearing aids.

While everyone else is enjoying group conversations, people with hearing loss may be having a difficult time following conversations and hearing what everyone is saying.

If you are hosting a get-together this year, here are some tips for accommodating a loved one with hearing loss: