Seniors campingIf you love experiencing the great outdoors from a campsite, you may know that hearing loss can present some challenges in a more primitive setting.

Hearing can play a large role in the camping experience: the snapping of branches, wild animal sounds, crackling fire and chatter of neighboring campers signal different responses in campers with perfect hearing.

Those of us with a hearing impairment may not be able to hear all of these sounds clearly, but that needn’t prevent us from having a positive camping experience. Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa offers the following tips to ensure a safe, relaxing time on your next outdoor adventure:

AdobeStock 172344191 300Summer brings with it a lot of fun events, including concerts, sporting events, and barbeques.

While a blast, these events can also pose a risk to our hearing – the prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage the inner ear and potentially lead to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL can occur after just a brief exposure to loud sounds. The louder the sound, the quicker NIHL can set in.

Exposure to loud sounds can also result in tinnitus, a ringing or other noise in the ears. Tinnitus stemming from exposure to noise often occurs gradually, so you may not realize your ears are being damaged for quite some time.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can protect your hearing so that you can enjoy the fun of summer without doing irreparable damage.

KIMT HearingAssocGiveaway 300X250Hearing Associates is excited to announce it will be partnering with KIMT to give away a free pair of hearing aids! 

How the Contest Works

The contest is simple: Go to the KIMT Contest page and fill out the survey under the Hearing Associates “Hearing Aid Giveaway.” Everyone who completes the survey will receive a complimentary hearing evaluation. At the end of the contest, a winner will be selected to receive a free pair of hearing aids.

man wearing hearing aid looking at smartphoneArtificial intelligence (AI) is no longer solely the stuff of Steven Spielberg movies.

AI has been reality for years now on many smart devices, including next-generation hearing aids. AI is increasingly redefining how people with hearing loss communicate. Manufacturers such as Oticon and Starkey are leading the next wave of hearing aid technology that allows devices to function more like the human ear. 

Actually, many of the technological advancements of hearing aids go beyond – way beyond – the capabilities of the human ear. Next-generation devices use biometric sensor technology that provides many health benefits.

Man with hearing loss using headphones

Many people experience hearing loss.

Many of those people don’t take the initiative to treat that hearing loss. Research has shown that although 80% of senior citizens between the ages of 60-79 have some degree of hearing loss, less than one-third of them admit to being aware of it when tested.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, making now the perfect time to become more informed about how being proactive with your hearing health can improve your quality of life.