Image of cigarette in hand While no one thinks smoking cigarettes is a healthy habit, many people don’t realize the damage it can do to your hearing.

The nearly 40 million American adults lighting up on a regular basis are 70 percent more likely to experience hearing loss than their non-smoking peers, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The article also stated that non-smokers living with smokers were twice as likely to have hearing problems as people not exposed to second-hand smoke.

Cigarettes are full of toxic chemicals including nicotine, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia and vinyl chloride. Some of these are known as ototoxic, meaning they can damage your hearing and cause tinnitus and balance problems.

KIMT HearingAssocGiveaway 300X250

Hearing Associates is excited to announce it will be partnering with KIMT to give away a free pair of hearing aids! 

How the Contest Works

The contest is simple: Go to the KIMT Contest page and fill out the survey under the Hearing Associates “Hearing Aid Giveaway.” Everyone who completes the survey will receive a complimentary hearing evaluation. At the end of the contest, a winner will be selected to receive a free pair of hearing aids.

Image of woman holding flower covering her nose With allergy season quickly approaching, the team at Hearing Associates wants to help you maintain optimal hearing while dealing with sniffles and sneezes throughout the season.

Non-Hearing Aid Wearers

Whether you have hearing loss or not, you may notice a decline in hearing capabilities during allergy season. For example, should you develop skin irritations on your face or neck, swelling of your outer ear can affect hearing.

Allergies can cause fluid or wax build up in the ear and create temporary hearing loss. However, if excess wax prevents fluids from properly draining, an infection can develop. Repeated ear infections can cause hearing loss.

Rayovac Battery Breakdown


Rayovac, the manufacturer of the best hearing aid batteries on the market, has an even better battery to offer patients – and Hearing Associates has it in stock.

The Rayovac Active Core Technology has been designed to meet the needs of the latest hearing aid technology. Many hearing aid wearers express that hearing aid battery longevity as the most important factor when choosing hearing aids.

hearing protectionThere are many contributing factors to hearing loss, but the items often overlooked are the auditory hazards around us all day: in our homes or at our job.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), auditory levels below 75 decibel (dB) are safe. However, prolonged exposure of sounds above 85 dB can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. This permanent health condition affects roughly 40 million adults in the US.