man putting on hearing aidYou may dream of snowflakes and icicles but be wary of Old Man Winter’s frosty effects on your hearing aids. Your devices are very susceptible to moisture, and temperature changes will create condensation that damages your devices.

Man suffering from ear painIf certain sounds make you cover your ears, you may have sound sensitivity caused by tinnitus, misophonia, or hyperacusis. Get the facts on these hearing conditions and how you can treat them.

seniors video chatting during the holidaysDon’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying holiday parties and family gatherings. Prep for parties and set reasonable expectations so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Dr. Trembath Presented At ISHA Virtual Convention

Hearing Associates is pleased to announce our own Stuart Trembath hosted a virtual conference session at the 2020 Iowa Speech Language Hearing Association Virtual Convention!

Covid19 300x200Updated October 1, 2020

At Hearing Associates, we wanted to reach out to you regarding our response to the Covid-19. We will be following all necessary protocols as set by the government/CDC and will continue to follow our cleaning/antiviral procedures after each visit. We have communicated with our team members to ensure they stay home if any symptoms of Covid-19 are experienced by them or anyone they have come in contact with.