There are many misconceptions and stereotypes associated with hearing loss, often preventing those with the condition from seeking treatment.

Hearing loss

Many people believe that hearing loss is a sign of old age. The truth is that people from all walks of life are affected by hearing loss, regardless of age, gender and race. Although hearing naturally degrades over time, making it more likely to manifest itself in old age, hearing loss is not exclusive to the elderly. In fact, recent trends suggest that hearing loss is now affecting more and more younger people.

Hearing aids

A lot of people are under the impression that hearing aids don’t work, which explains why only 1 out of 5 people with hearing loss actually seeks treatment. The stigma attached to hearing aids is a result of improper fittings and outdated devices, because, with digital processing and advancements in technology, hearing aids do work. They work so well that 4 out of 5 hearing aid users say that the technology improves both their hearing and their quality of life. Those same users also claim that they would recommend hearing aids to family and friends. Do yourself a favor: don’t write off hearing aids before you’ve given them a fair chance.

Our promise to you

We aren’t going to box you in or put your entire personality into a neat category. You’re a human being, a unique individual and you deserve to be treated as such. We promise that, when you’re under our care, stereotypes and biases are thrown out the window. We start where all hearing professionals should: with you.

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