Hearing JourneyAt Hearing Associates, we provide our patients with detailed information and answers to their questions about the degrees and effects of hearing loss. We also offer informative classes on many topics, like aural rehabilitation.

Aural rehabilitation involves different therapies designed to help you live well with hearing issues. We’ll help you make the best use of your hearing aids, explore assistive listening devices, and take charge of your communication strategies.

There is no cure for hearing loss.

Even with the best advances in listening technologies, people with hearing difficulties face numerous communication challenges. Hearing loss can lead to isolation, frustration and fatigue for both the individual and their family members.

But there is help. Our “Your Hearing Journey” classes provide support, education and information that will help you:

  • Network with others who share similar hearing experiences.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions you might not have had at your fitting appointment.
  • Understand appropriate expectations of amplification.
  • Learn how to care for and maintain your hearing instruments.
  • Implement effective communication strategies.
  • Learn about environmental obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • Develop strategies to protect the hearing you still have.
  • Respect your hearing with annual audiological exams, regular hearing aid cleaning and ear canal checks at Hearing Associates.

At Hearing Associates, you’re part of the team! “Your Hearing Journey” will equip you with the necessary tools to:

Understand the hearing process: We cover topics like: how we hear, why we lose our hearing, how to protect our hearing, hearing wellness, concerns and care, communication strategies, and how to improve your hearing.

Build your confidence: Whether you spend your time surrounded by people or in the quiet comfort of your home, hearing aids can greatly improve your quality of life. We’ll teach you how to care for these instruments, and show you simple communication techniques to improve your listening experience.

Train your brain: As you wear your new hearing instruments daily, you will continue to get more acclimated to sounds you may have been missing for years. It is crucial to keep your hearing healthcare provider informed of your progress, so we can adjust your devices to keep up with your pace.

“Your Hearing Journey” Class Schedule:

Call 888.760.2032 to join the next class.

We meet once a week for the three-week session, and you can choose which class works best for your schedule each week.

Bring a support partner

Improving communication between those with hearing loss and their loved ones is vital during the aural rehabilitation journey. At Hearing Associates, we encourage patients and their families to learn the ways to overcome challenges together, enhance your hearing world, and keep healthy communication going.

These informational classes are designed to provide our patients and their families with the tools for preventing and managing hearing loss. 

Your support partner will:

  • Offer another set of ears to receive the many details presented
  • Learn effective techniques to carry on more effortless conversation
  • Provide encouragement to you and those who care about you on how to better live with hearing loss

The care team at Hearing Associates looks forward to guiding you and your family on your path to better hearing. For more information on our aural rehabilitation services, call 888.760.2032.

Aural Rehabilitation