unitron logo1Unitron designs hearing devices to find the balance among desirable aesthetics, complete comfort, and functionality, so they fit effortlessly into everyone’s life. Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa, and Albert Lea, Minnesota, will help you chose the right hearing aid to fit your needs.

Unitron’s goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable hearing experience for their customers. A comfortable hearing aid allows the wearer to fully experience the advanced technology that is provided during sound amplification.


T Insera ITE Hearing Aid Family

  • EarMatch technology optimizes microphone performance based on the user’s ear shape.
  • 20% longer battery life on CIC and IIC products
  • EarMatch lets SpeechPro works to help patients understand speech and know where it’s coming from in the most challenging environments.

DX Hearing Aid Family

  • Moxi Fit - It’s new inside and out. Enjoy style and functionality in perfect harmony, with a 312 battery, push-button, and telecoil.
  • Moxi Fit R - A rechargeable hearing aid the same style and functionality as the Moxi Fit
  • Moxi Jump R T - Jump into better hearing with this device’s speech comprehension technology with rechargeable batteries and telecoil system.
  • Moxi Move R - This smaller form device improves spatial awareness and sound location with SpeechPro technology. Rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity available.

DX Stride 

  • Stride M - Behind-the-ear hearing aid that offers a comfortable fit, and intuitive control with a 312 batter
  • Stride MR - Rechargeable version of the Stride M
  • Stride P - A wireless 13 battery behind-the-ear hearing aid

At Hearing Associates, our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions about Unitron hearing aids. Please schedule an appointment at our main office in Mason City or our other locations in northern Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota.